l A First Agnostic Decentralized Launchpad on Aptos Blockchain - No Intermediators

The Problem With Launchpads Today

  • No transparency and open to abuse
  • Gatekeeper approach, great projects miss out if launchpads dont ‘get it’
  • Manual processes make the entire process inefficient
  • Prioritises launchpad interests over the project & investors
  • All existing launchpads are fundamentally the same

Aptos blockchain is designed with scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability as key principles!

The Problem for Projects

  • Project is forced to accomodate launchpad’s demands
  • Project has to deal with launchpad shortcomings, and manual processes
  • Project Token is pumped ... then dumped
  • Post-launch projects are left without community, as launchpad ‘community’ moves to next offering

Aptostarter is dedicated to help people help others, and the majority of fundraisers are safe and legitimate on our platform.

AptoStarter is a Decentralized Launchpad and don’t require permissioned Gatekeeper approach

We have built Launchpad user friendly and ease to use for listing any kind of crypto projects of any chain!

What’s the solution?

A Decentralized Launchpad

Free for any project to list

  • Event (raise) based tokens not permanent tokens
  • Fair access, fair price, pro-project, pro-investor
  • Anti-whale, Anti-bot & Anti-scalper Resilient Anti-rug & flash-loan
  • The best projects are “featured” to the community

Our Solution

Introducing AptoStarter

  • 100% decentralised
  • Fair access, fair price, pro-project, pro-investor
  • Efficient, fair, transparent raises
  • Platform features the best projects
  • Any project can potentially get funded
  • Project preview and description all onchain, hashed so any changes are transparent
  • Select projects are ‘featured’ on our platform
  • Project creates a Trust where they specify membership, raise, seed, token and team details - fully permissionless

The AptoStarter Difference

How are we different?

AptoStarter is different from every other launchpad

  • Decentralized - All the actions from beginning to End is communicated on the blockchain.
  • Ease of Use - Launcher is user friendly and ease of use for any kind of tokens listing for IDO.
  • Transparent - Allocation, Distribution, Disbursement of tokens to community and for project owners in highly transparent manner.
  • Inter-connectivity - Seed Sale, Private Sale, Public sales all are interconnected. Project owners can choose any kind of sale they want to participate.
  • Community - Aptos blockchain community is backing and supporting the fund raisers.

Stake & Earn

$APST Token Staking features

Upto 120% APY

  • Stakers get voting rights and participation.
  • Stakers can be easy way to to grow holdings
  • Users can earn higher APR to offset the risk.
  • Earn APY up to 120 % on staking your AptoStarter token
  • Staking can be a good way for the investors to put their holdings to work, earning them interest and rewards.

Network Bridging


  • A network bridge is to interconnect networks & communities across the device ecosystem. The current cross-chain landscape is complex with tooling that is not built for the average user. At Network bridge we take a user-first approach in parallel to building a highly secured and scalable infrastructure. We aim to build tools for real users and empower others to do so.We believe cross-chain functionalities should be a necessity, not a feature.
  • Token Bridge will swap and move from cross chains.
  • Cross NFT Bridge token moves from one chain to other chain.
  • Cross Bridge socket allows developer to enable compossible bridging function into any Dapp’s.
  • Cross Bridge for payment A non-custodial multichain debit card linked to your web 3.0 wallet.
  • Yields Access low risk yield farms across various chains


AptoStarter Swap

  • AptoStarter ($APST) is the leading decentralized exchange on APTOS Chain. By trading on AptoStarter Swap, you can trade from your wallet without using a centralized exchange. On this exchange, you can swap APTOS Chain tokens.e
  • AptoStarter Swap built for secure and decentralized token swaps. The protocol uses smart contracts developed by the AptoStarter team, written in the Move language, and published on the Aptos mainnet.
  • You can use AptoStarter Swap with a few easy steps:
    • Get a APTOS Chain-compatible wallet like Petra Wallet,Martian Wallet,Fletch Wallet
    • Get APTOS APTOS Chain and send it to your wallet (need APTOS for all tx fees).
    • Choose the tokens you want to trade in the dropdown menu.
    • Click Swap and confirm the trade on AptoStarter Swap.

Why fundraise on AptoStarter?

AptoStarter is the only launchpad that allows community-based liquidity seeding.

  • Having Dedicated Whitelist Holders for Participating in IDO.
  • Aptos Community backing for fundraising will be helpful for any token /coin using AptoStarter.
  • VC's and partners are associated all the time to support new projects with AptoStarter
  • AptoStarter is Decentralized Launchpad with no Gatekeepers,anyone can list any kind of Token/Coin/NFT's.

Embedded within the Incubator & AptoStarter Ecosystems

The AptoStarter Network

We have cultivated an amazing network in the space

  • AptoStarter is connected to global network of startups, VC’s and founders, ensuring the best projects are part of the platform
  • AptoStarter is part of APTOS venture network & has long-standing relationships with the APTOS founding team

"AptoStarter is the permissionless, innovative approach to finding fair value for projects and assets the crypto ecosystem has been waiting for. We are delighted to support them and welcome the team to the APTOS ecosystem”.

Mo Shaikh,

Co-Founder, APTOS Labs

AptoStarter Tiers

$APTS unlocks membership to Project Raises, IDO /INO pools & more...

Platform has simplified the process, so that AptoStarter token holders have the most customized launchpad experience, users only need to hold a certain number of $APST tokens according to their respective tiers. When a new project is launched on AptoStarter, users only need to submit the whitelist wallet address and allocations will be guaranteed based on the number of AptoStarter tokens users hold.

Increase your $APTS holdings to get access to project liquidity pool seeding

Hold $APTS to access rewards across the ecosystem

$APTS Membership tiers define

  • Access to Upcoming Project launches
  • Access to Upcoming Projects to provide liquidity
  • Levels of reward from a raise
  • Project curation
  • Level of participation in launch
  • Liquidity rewards for $APTS liquidity

& the Environment

Aptos Blockchain is an Energy consumer and environment friendly blockchain allows users for making them part of mission green.

Aptos Blockchain addresses the energy consumption and environmental concerns related to the projects on Binance smart chain. It is for more efficient.

Transaction wise energy comparison

  • energyEnergy
  • 26.61KWH

    equivalent to the power consumption of an US household for one day.

  • 0.0062 KWH

    equivalent to running a laptop for 6 minutes.

  • carbonCarbon
  • 20.01 KG Co2

    equivalent to carbon footprint of 3.4 hours

  • 0.0042 KG Co2

    equivalent to charging a cellphone for 50%

Advisory & Partners

Our advisory and partner network act as a support network to power the growth and adoption of AptoStarter in the crypto space and beyond


We don't believe in entering a market without a solid product. AptoStarter is built and ready to go - we are launching our ecosystem token first and will then feature our first projects!